Life Below Water
 Life Below Water
Life Below Water
 Life Below Water

SDG #14: Conserve and sustainable use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

The world’s oceans – their temperature, chemistry, currents and life – drive global systems that make the Earth habitable for humankind. How we manage this vital resource is essential for humanity as a whole, and to counterbalance the effects of climate change.

The SDGs aim to sustainably manage and protect marine and coastal ecosystems from pollution, as well as address the impacts of ocean acidification. Enhancing conservation and the sustainable use of ocean-based resources through international law will also help mitigate some of the challenges facing our oceans.

Facts and figures

  • 30%

    Curaçao is in the process of protecting 30% of waters by establishing nearshore protected areas and an offshore marine sanctuary
  • 5 zones

    Curaçao is in the process of establishing 5 fish reproductions zones to restock fish stocks and help restore the ecosystem
  • 2018

    Over the past year, Curaçao established an underwaterpark along Eastpoint and designated Klein Curaçao island as a RAMSAR protected wetland of international importance

Other SDG`s for Curacao

  • 1 No Poverty
  • 3 Good health and Well Being
  • 4 Quality Education
  • 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
  • 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SGD's

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