Quality Education
 Quality Education
Quality Education
 Quality Education

SDG #4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to creating sustainable development. In addition to improving quality of life, access to inclusive education can help equip locals with the tools required to develop innovative solutions to the world’s greatest problems.

Curaçao´s education system has served as a solid foundation for many generations, but over the years, it has not adequately adapted to the changing needs of students as well as the wider society and economy. Education is a key focus area in the National Development Plan Curaçao 2015-2030.

A strong education system necessitates working collaboratively across sectors to ensure a good match of educational and employment opportunities as well as developing supportive and enabling environments to promote and support more entrepreneurship in areas.

Facts and figures

  • 99%

    Enrollment in primary education in Curaçao (NDP Curaçao 2015-2030).
  • 44%

    Enrollment in early childhood education (only 3 years) in Curaçao (NDP Curaçao 2015-2030).
  • 96.5%

    Adult literacy in Curaçao (CBS).
  • 29.3%

    Youth unemployment in Curaçao (2018, CBS)
  • 98%

    Enrollment in Secondary Education (NDP Curaçao 2015-2030).
  • 32%

    Not completed Secondary Education in Curaçao (NDP Curaçao 2015-2030).

Other SDG`s for Curacao

  • 1 No Poverty
  • 3 Good health and Well Being
  • 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
  • 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 14 Life Bellow Water
  • SGD's

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